Weekend and Writing Plans

Puck is out of town again. This time until Monday.   I have a pretty busy weekend, so I should be ok.  Tomorrow I am going to be at an all day choir practice at church and Sunday we sing.  Monday I start back to bootcamp.  I decided not to buy the whole six weeks (money is crazy tight), but to instead buy a number of days.  Hopeful I can start learning to exercise by myself again.   I love days when I exercise.  I am happier and more productive.

I applied for a part time job yesterday that is exactly what I am looking for.  It is in the right part of town,  it is for a company who’s business I can agree with, it is part time and exactly the hours I would want.  Stacy who runs the bootcamp referred me.  I am trying not to get my hopes up.  I keep checking my email compulsively.  I really want this.  Speaking of things I want.

I have been writing fiction off and on since I was about 9.  I have submitted one fiction piece to someone paying, and got $50 for it.  So I have a 100% acceptance rate. 🙂 (White Wolf, in case you are wondering who bought it)    I have several mostly finished short stories, and a few flash pieces.  In fact I wrote a cute one today.  But I want to send things in and get published.  I would love to get paid someday, but now I  just want to have people read what I write.

I am not sure how one gets published, but here is my plan. Here is the plan.  Find places that accept submissions.  For each place make a folder in my writing folder on my computer.  Title the folder with the theme of the call and the date for submission.   Then everyday write for one or more of the folders.  Before the deadline pick my favorite story in each folder, moving all the others to someplace else.  Edit the story and send it off.  I feel like having a system will keep me more focused.


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